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Adjustable Airmesh

The NEW Doodlebone® Adjustable Airmesh Harness is our over the head harness designed with extra adjustability.  🦴 Fully adjustable chest and neck strap 🦴 Reflective stab stitch 🦴 Reflective piping 🦴 Front training ring back D-ring 🦴 Airmesh lining with scuba outer.

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Airmesh Harness

The Doodlebone® Airmesh Harness is our easy to fit harness - simply pop over your furry friends head and you're ready to go! 🦴 Easily adjustable 🦴 Reflective piping 🦴 Breathable mesh fabric 🦴 Machine washable at 30 degrees Just to let you know we are reversing the mesh to make our products even more enticing for our customers. This change is being phased in and you will gradually see this on our harnesses.

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Super easy to fit, simple step in pull and clip in. Both chest and tummy straps to ensure security. Easily adjustable Reflective pipping Breathable fabric Machine washable at 30 degrees Available in 11 colours & 11 patterns

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Elevate your pup's style with our Doodlebone Dog Collars, the perfect everyday accessory for your furry companion. 🦴 Easily adjustable  🦴 Strength tested componentry 🦴 Machine washable at 30 degrees

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Fleecy Jacket

The Doodlebone super soft Fleecy is perfect for keeping your furry friend cosy and warm with lots of stretch for movement whilst exploring on their walkies! Water repellent for those rainy days Elasticated leg loops for a snug fit Lightweight and easy to put on and take off Super soft material Stretchy fabric to allow room to explore

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Designed to take the stress away from a dog’s neck. Easily adjustable Strong material to ensure durability Machine washable at 30 degrees Slide size adjuster Available in 11 colours & 11 patterns

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Discover the ultimate essential for your dog’s wardrobe – the Doodlebone Dog Lead. Our lead blends style with function, offering bold colours and durability in one.  🦴 Padded neoprene handle for extra comfort  🦴 Strength tested componentry 🦴 Machine washable at 30 degrees

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Light Up Lead

Brighten up your dogs walkies, literally, with the NEW Doodlebone rechargeable Light-Up Lead.  Easy Charge - Effortless charging for endless adventures  3 Fun Settings - Choose from the perfect glow or flash for a calming stroll or energetic play time Safe and Stylish - Visible and stylish all in one Strength Tested Componentry - Peace of mind whilst out on walkies Water Resistant - Let your dog splash and play without worry  Coal comes complete with fun multicoloured lights and Berry with white

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A soft & safe solution for dogs that are nervous in public; or for helping to control, whilst still allowing your dog to breathe, pant and drink without restriction. Key Points:  Safe & Secure Easily adjustable High visibility Breathable fabric Machine washable   

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